A Prayer for a New School Year

August 17, 2020 matt

Dear Lord,

Children are a heritage that you have given us. They are precious to us and, more importantly, they are precious to you. God, remind me that you love my kids more than I do.

Each year as school begins, we are reminded afresh of your goodness and faithfulness. It marks another year of stewardship of the souls and minds of children. It marks another year nearer to their adulthood. One more year has passed as we await the day they move out on their own. 

It is a time of joy and sadness mixed. We are so proud and happy for our children as they embark on another school year. Yet, we also look at the old pictures from over the years. They were so small! So young! Time is fleeting.

This year, Lord, intensifies those feelings. My heart is heavy and anxious; frustrated and annoyed. And yet, my heart is full with thankfulness.

God, please give me perspective. Help me give love and grace to the schools that are serving my children. Calm my heart as I long for them to be safe. Calm my fears.

Indeed, remind me every day that you love my children more than I do.

God, please be with those children who are embarking on a new year without enough to eat. Please be with those children who are in an unsafe environment. Lord, help me be the hands and feet of Christ to those who have needs.

Please be with those who work at our schools. As trying as this is on us as parents, Lord, I know it is even harder for them. Please bless their work and keep them safe. God, please give parents and students patience and love as we all embark on a strange journey together.

Father, nothing catches you by surprise. You put us here at this moment for a purpose. You love our kids more than we do. Please help us to reflect your love and grace to a world in desperate need of both. Keep our children safe, help them learn, and give us Christian attitudes in the process.


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