Beef Ribs

May 7, 2014 matt

I love barbecue. Being from Alabama, barbecue has always been pork and chicken to me. However, recently, I decided to smoke beef short ribs. Beef, done low and slow over smoke, is nothing short of amazing. Here are a few pictures:





Pick up a rack of uncut beef short ribs. Coat them with equal parts salt and pepper. (I use kosher salt and cracked pepper. I have converted our old coffee grinder into a spice grinder which makes it easy to crack a lot of pepper at once.)

Set up your grill or smoker for indirect cooking at 225 degrees. I used hickory wood for smoke, but beef tends to pick up a lot of smoke flavor. Others use something milder like a fruit wood. I was happy with the hickory though.

I cooked them until they were about 190 degrees inside. This took me about 6 hours. About 5 hours in I turned the temperature up and wrapped them in foil to speed the process up. These ribs were a big hit! They’re really big on the plate and the actual bone is gigantic. This makes the presentation awesome.

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